Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peas & squash are in!

I'm so excited! My first organic garden and it's doing really well!!!

First batch of peas picked on Saturday.

Not sure we'll get to cook these this year. The kids are eating them like candy! Definitely going to have to plant more of these next year. I cannot believe how different (better) they taste then store-bought or frozen peas! They are absolutely delicious!!!

Here's our first yellow crookneck summer squash we picked yesterday. I sauteed it this morning for a snack. Salt, pepper, and a splash of vinegar. Yummm!

The kids and I thought the seed formation was so neat.

Squash bug update:
no eggs... no nymphs... on ANYTHING... even our trap crop.
*knock on wood*
I have a feeling we are going to have a LOT of squash on our hands this summer.
(Anyone who lives nearby, come and get some!) :-)

What is your favorite way to prepare summer squash?
(I really only know how to saute it.)

And does it freeze ok?

I'll have to post some pics of the garden. It is looking so good. Everything's blooming and growing so well. Tomatoes are getting nice and big~ some of them should be turning red soon. Mint is growing like crazy. Marigolds and nasturtiums are in full bloom. Pumpkin plants are huge. My calendula will be blooming real soon. Oh, it's all so beautiful. I love gardening!!!


Cyndi said...

I'm jealous!! My garden is a little behind the eight ball. I don't have any squash ready yet - but hopefully in a week or so. My nasturtiums (or as Amara called them - "the flowers that bugs think are stinky but that we'll be able to eat in salad!!" haven't even sprouted! I'm a little discouraged. I was hoping to ward of squash bugs with them - I haven't seen any yet - but I've always battled them.

Cyndi said...

Oh - and here is an easy way to prepare summer squash: toss with italian salad dressing (or olive oil and your choice of herbs) and grill or broil.

Or grate it and it does freeze well for muffins/zucchini bread.

ReaganF said...

Yummy!! Congrats!!! My peas didn't make it this year, I was so sad!! Picked my first cherry tomato the other day and it was delish!! I love gardening too!!!

ReaganF said...

My dad always battered squash and fried it. It's super good that way, although not so healthy. I think he used a 'pancake' type batter. Yum!

We also enjoy the 'aluminum foil' squash cooking method. Wrap your sqaush (and any other veggies you want to add to make a nice medley) in aluminum foil (with your choice of olive oil, herbs, and/or salad dressing) and bake in the oven our place on the grill while your meat cooks. So good and so easy!

Anonymous said...

Shred the squash in a food processor and then freeze it for use in just about anything this winter. Add it to pasta sauces, soups and casseroles.

Or, seed, steam ,and puree it and add it as a thickener to the same foods above, but without the chunky mouth feel. The bags of pureed squash are also great for moistening muffins and bread or as ready-made baby food.