Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ramblings (III)

Another comment I hear ALL the time is "how do you do it?!"

I never really quite know how to answer this question because I don't really know how I do it! I just do it! You gotta do what you gotta do. But more than that, it's not me doing it in the first place... it's God! Oh believe me, you can for certain tell the days that I'm doing "it" on my own strength. There's yelling. There's fighting. There's shooing the kids away to do things by myself because it's easier and it'll be done "right". The house looks a-fright. I'm frazzled. The children are running amok with disobedient. One word sums it up pretty well: chaotic. Then there are the days when I'm walking in obedience with the Lord, basking in His strength and sovereignty, thinking often of Him and His word... Things aren't perfect, but it's peaceful. Not everything on my to-do list gets accomplished, but I'm not fretting about it. It may have taken an hour to get one load of laundry folded and put away... but the kids "helped" and loved every minute of spending time with me. I swear it's a night & day difference. My husband can just tell when he gets home for dinner whether or not I spent my day with God. Anyway, back to question at hand (how do you do it?)... It's not me, it's all God! I have nothing to boast about because it's God that's used my weaknesses to reveal His glory. God called an unqualified woman to a seemingly impossible job so that He could get the glory and honor from the transformation that would take place. How did it happen? Certainly not over night. One day at a time. One moment at a time. Dying to self. Being obedient to Christ.


Cyndi said...

You may enjoy this article I just read - kind of on the same topic. http://www.worldmag.com/articles/15603

Here is an excerpt - my favorite part is the last paragraph.

"I discovered that discouragement is a choice I make and not something that happens to me.

A wise man said to "get rid of everything doubtful in your life," but I have been dithering for years, making an academic problem of which things are doubtful and which are permissible. I'll bet if I suddenly had a diagnosis of six months to live, it would be clear.

When you're depressed, carry on as if you're not depressed. Better to have just one problem than create additional ones. When you blow one part of your day, don't give up on the rest of the day.

Every time I have gotten involved in some Christian work, or with some group of people, I have not at first wanted to; I would have preferred to stay in my cozy home. And every time, I have ended up glad I got involved......

God's commands turn out to be doorways to intimacy with Him. And the best kept secret about obedience in the face of a hard temptation is that there is a blessing waiting on the other side. Satan doesn't want us to know that. He would prefer the usual succumb-and-repent routine.....

Every time you open your mouth, you are either building up or tearing down, ministering or manipulating, sowing for the kingdom or sowing for hell. How fearfully consequential are our most glib utterances."

Michelle Sybert said...

I am definitely checking out that article!

Again, Melissa, some incredible encouragement and challenging stuff! God is so good!