Monday, August 24, 2009

Control Journal & misc.

Here's my basic Control Journal.
I am planning on sprucing it up with colored tabs and dividers
(and a nicer binder!)

Example pages:

-Emergency Numbers
-Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Routine
-Basic Weekly Chore Plan
-Detailed Cleaning List
-Addresses and Phone Numbers
-Bible Reading and Memorization
-Birthdays, Anniversaries, & Special Occasions
-Book List (to read/want to read)
-Budget & Finances
-Crafts & Projects
-Exercise & Measurements
-Menu Planning & Grocery Shopping
-Praise & Worship Music
Here's what we pulled from our garden!!!

I'm going to be a very busy woman this evening!
I think I'm just going to shred &/or cube the summer squash and freeze it. The tomatoes are going to be blanched, peeled and frozen until the entire harvest is through. Then, it'll be used for juice and salsa.
Oh, and did I tell you those "yellow squash mated with a zucchini" squash things are actually spaghetti squash?!!! How awesome is that?! (There's a couple of them in the picture above.)

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