Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eww eww eww!!!

Found two of these on one of our tomato plants today!

Tomato Hornworm

We gave our other plants a good look down and didn't see any other indications they were spreading. No other munchings. No droppings. No eggs. Ugh! Talk about NASTY! I'd never seen one before. Heard people talk about them, but never seen one up close and personal. YUCK! I'm hoping we're in the clear. But we'll have to check our plants closely every day. We found these two buggers on the one tomato plant that was furthest away from mint. Figures. We plucked the branches they were on and put them in a quart jar to show the kids. In one regard, it's kinda cool. But in another, it's pretty yucky!

Also, update on the squash bugs. We are pretty much through harvest time on the squash, and good thing, too, because we are JUST now starting to spot a random nymph here and there. Nothing huge or unmanageable. Yet. But I think since we're through harvest, we're gonna go ahead and set it one fire as planned and burn the suckers so they won't be there next year.

We're pretty much through our harvest season altogether. We'll be getting tomatoes for a while longer (yea!). There's one plant that hasn't even turned red at all yet! The other ones are producing wonderfully. Pumpkins are big and orange already! Watermelons need to get just a tad bit bigger, but they are doing great! Nasturtiums, Marigolds, begonias, and Calendula are still as perky as ever. All my mint has flowered. Peas and yellow Crookneck squash are done.

It took me a little while to chop up all that yellow Crookneck squash as I accidentally chopped off a bit of the tip of my thumb. Ouch! Now that it's had a few days to heal, I've gotten back to it. I shredded part of it- filled a 1 gallon freezer bag with sandwich baggies consisting of 1 cup amounts. I also filled another 1 gallon freezer bag with cubed squash. There's a couple more to chop up but I think I'll save those for stir fry. There were also a few that got too big and hardy and I couldn't cut through them- they'll be used as fall decor.

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MelissaD said...

The kids are totally enthralled with this critters. We've still got our two in a quart jar (OUTSIDE/AWAY from the garden) and the kids are periodically giving them grape tomatoes to munch on. They said they want them to get "really fat and turn into a butterflies". Hmmmm. Not sure I want to keep them around for that long. Ewwww.