Friday, August 07, 2009


I am currently training Edmund on "blanket time".
I'd heard the idea from my girlfriend (who's seen her Aunt successfully do this with her daughter) and I've been intrigued with the idea since. Since we currently live in a small home, our Pack-n-Play takes up almost a 1/3 of the living room! (And it's driving me nuts!) So.... I'm training Edmund to stay on a blanket rather than being dependent upon a play yard. It will be soooo nice having him trained. We'll be able to go pretty much anywhere (church, park, other people's homes, etc.) and NOT need to bring the clunky play pen along with us. Just a folded blanket! I'm training him in 10 min. spurts and for the past 2 days now, and he's really getting the hang of it! Let you all know how he does!

Got really busy one week and had THIS on my countertop!

Muuuuuch better!

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jeffe said...

And all that without your personal dish fairy! Yay!