Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm trying my hand at a bit of drawing.
My girlfriend, Rebekah, has a son (now 5 months) with the absolute cutest baby feet! To boot, they're unique. Here's the photo I took of them and my Draft #1. Since I've never had any formal training in art/drawing, this is totally foreign to me. For Draft #2, I'm going to use the background as a marker on where to draw the feet, as Draft #1 is drawn way too close to the top.

My first green bean canning experience!
My father-in-law's secretary gave us a generous bag of fresh picked green beans from her garden. So my mother-in-law and I canned them! YUM!

Here's our first watermelon from our garden!
At first I wasn't sure if it was ripe enough to pick as the flesh was such a light pink, but the smell was just wonderful! And the taste?! NOTHING like I've ever received from the store. It was AMAZING!

The kids dried the seeds so we can use them in our garden next year!
Can't wait for more to be picked!

For seed packets, I used pictures the children had colored. Just took some of their best artwork, folded it into little pouches, poured the seeds in, and taped it shut for next year.
The kids love how their art is being used!

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Rachael said...

Not a bad drawing. I took a level 1 drawing class my senior year at IWU just for fun ... and boy was I out of my league! Everyone was sooo much better than me! Good luck with your own drawing!