Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy day

Made a double batch of my Cold Care Tea (see Tues. Feb 24, 2009 for recipe) to keep in the fridge. I've been drinking that rather than Reed's Ginger Brew because I've found it to be just as effective in soothing my tummy. (That, and it's a ton cheaper to make. I can get a giant ginger root from Kroger for $1.50.) I basically drink it all day long to stave off the queasies. Works quite well!
*This was filled nearly to the brim, but I've already taken a few glasses out of it. :-)*
Per request from hubby, I made him his all time favorite pie: Blueberry Cherry Pie. Don't knock it till you try it. The mix of blueberries and cherries is surprisingly amazing! And this recipe is SO simple!
Here's Arianna helping me make the crust.
*KitchenAid makes it SO much faster and easier!*

I always dedicate my pies to my husband, something I remember my mother doing back when I lived at home. My husband is the III.
Side note: I've had this carton of blueberries sitting in the fridge for who knows how long. Amazingly enough, they didn't rot. All they did was sort of shrivel up. On the fly, I decided to soak them in water for most the morning. (Hey, you can rehydrate raisins, prunes, and other things. Why not a shriveled up blueberry?!) It actually worked! They didn't get huge, juicy and brand new looking, but they got plump enough! There's my fun little kitchen surprise of the day for ya!
Since I got so sick with the preggo queasies, I neglected my water kefir. :-( It basically sat on my kitchen counter for almost 4 weeks, if not longer. Basically, you can starve your grains if you do not give it fresh sugar water to "eat" from. I was about to just throw it out when I decided to do some research first. Thankfully, I found a FAQ list here and found out that it IS possible to re-establish your grains. So with fingers crossed, I am trying to resurrect my kefir:

Q. I think I may have damaged my kefir grains (e.g. cross contamination, left them to culture for too long, left them in the fridge for too long, cultured them without enough sugar, etc.)? Can I save them?

A. If you believe your kefir grains have been damaged, we recommend rinsing them thoroughly with filtered water, placing them in a fresh sugar water solution (1/4 cup sugar to 1 quart water--preferably use a sugar containing molasses such as Rapadura or Succanat, alternatively add 1 t. molasses), placing a lid on the container and placing it in the refrigerator for a few days. This process will often regenerate grains although we cannot offer any guarantees. Once the process is complete, test your grains by culturing them in fresh sugar water for 48 hours then taste the resulting kefir (do not consume any water kefir that looks, smells or tastes unpleasant). If the finished kefir is less sweet than the sugar water you started with, the grains are functioning. If not, it may be time to acquire a new set of water kefir grains.

I didn't have any Rapadura or Succanat, but I did have brown sugar, which is basically cane sugar and molasses. Hopefully it works!

It'll be ready for fermentation this Thurs. Into the fridge you go!


ReaganF said...

Mmmmmm, I love pie! I might just have to try a cherry blueberry pie because I haven't before! Thanks for the suggestion!

MelissaD said...

Glad to PieInspire you! ;-) Let me know what you think!