Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was able to get a free download of this Herbal-Zine for children. What a neat resource for teaching children about different types of useful herbs! Not only does it have specific information regarding the herb of the month, but it has stories, songs, crafts, crosswords, puzzles, study guides, journal space, and recipes. We are seriously considering getting our children this each month.

So I got a free issue of June 2009 which featured Plantain:
Info on Plantain

Here's our kiddos making Plantain window decorations and "wind chimes".

Benjamin getting ready to iron his Plantain between wax paper.

Finished product:

After my thumb healed (I chopped off the tip about a month ago trying to prepare this- grrrr), I was able to finish cubing and shredding my yellow crookneck summer squash. In the freezer you go!
Finished my Control Journal.

I'm still working on filling it with things like addresses, phone numbers, special dates to remember, budget stuff... but the meat of it is in place.

Here's a brief sample of it:

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Anonymous said...

Those plaintain decorations are so cute! I like seeing the kids' artwork around your house. It shows the love and life that is there.