Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reed's is amazing!!!

It's awesome! All it has in it is sparkling water, fruit juice (25%), ginger (27 grams per bottle), lemon/lime juices, and spices. Nothing artificial. And it tastes great!

Only one small problem. It's $5/4-pk. and yesterday I drank two. Hmmm. Could be developing an expensive habit. Then again, it's only for one more month! Yes, we will splurge!

I'm also taking Yellow Dock herbal supplements (as recommended by my midwife). Hopefully I can kick these queasies!!!

The doctor did eventually call me back, but they said they usually won't prescribe medications unless mom is throwing up a lot. With great effort, I have managed to keep everything down thus far- so I don't qualify. I've had a couple bouts of dry heaves, but that's all. I guess I feel better knowing that I am taking care of myself and the baby naturally.

Oh, and by the way, Hansen's Ginger Ale was horrible!!! Sickeningly sweet (with cane sugar). When I mentioned above about having a few bouts of the dry heaves, well, the Hansen's was one of those episodes. Yuck!

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Carmin said...

Sounds good! Glad to hear you're treating the nausea naturally :) Way to go!