Sunday, October 04, 2009


Praise be to Jesus, I think I am finally coming out of this yucky phase!!! (I am at 11 weeks.)

It kind of hit me this morning when I stopped at McDonald's to pick up a coffee before church and I found myself drooling over the breakfast menu items. And I didn't gag when the friendly McDonald's employee opened the drive-thru window and that waft of cooking food smells hit my nostrils. YEA!

I also went ahead and went to the doctor recently to have my gall bladder checked. There's really nothing they can do even IF my gall bladder is giving me trouble because they will NOT operate on a pregnant woman unless it's an absolute emergency. So my nurse practitioner gave me a Gall Bladder eat/do not eat list (which is MUCH less restrictive than the list I found online) to follow throughout my pregnancy. If my gall bladder is still giving me trouble following delivery, then we'll go ahead with testings and ultrasounds and go from there. But for now, it's really a wait and see type of situation. The Gall Bladder Diet is really a really low-fat diet. Everything's gotta be low-fat and lean. It's been helping a LOT. I also keep Tums with me at all times in case I start feeling things "rumbling" within. And because I have to follow this diet... I won't be gaining a lot of weight with this pregnancy. :-) That's always a bonus!

Tuesday Oct. 13 we go to the midwife for my first appointment and we get to hear the heartbeat. That is always such an exciting time!

Just so happy. Things are finally starting to get back to normal. Thanks so much for everyone that has been praying for us. I truly believe the Lord is answering prayer!


Michelle M. said...

That is wonderful!!

I hope you don't continue to have problems. Prayers!

ReaganF said...

Great news! Here's hoping the rest of your pregnancy will be issue free!