Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving List

1- that I was one of God's elect! PRAISE GOD!
2- that my husband was one of God's elect! PRAISE GOD!
3- that God sovereignly brought us together in marriage!
4- four beautiful children
5- and Baby #5 :-)
6- the ability to stay home full-time and homeschool
7- for a church body that desperately seeks God's Word and His best- one that's not afraid to teach on touchy/sensitive issues
8- for Biblical teaching on gender roles & marriage roles that God clearly gives us in His Word
9- that hopefully within the next 7 months we can purchase our first home!
10- that my two oldest children are now loving to read (and it's rubbing off on Cassandra who's lately been asking to go through flashcards and phonics!)
11- that everyone in my family is healthy
12- dear friends and family we share our lives with
13- wisdom that God freely grants to those that only ask

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