Monday, November 23, 2009

Another toy purge

Our kids have soooo many toys. We've seriously been blessed beyond measure in this area. We have hardly had to ever buy them any toys because so many have graciously been given to us from others. Well with Christmas fast approaching, we decided to do one more big toy purge. What we did was pull out EVERYthing from their rooms and storage and then laid them all out on the floor/bed in our master bedroom, basically like a toy store. All educational toys were immediately removed and placed in quick retrieval storage. We then individually led the kids through the "store" and allowed them to pick out (10) toys a piece*.

Someone here had commented a while back that toy boxes are abysses- well they are right, and so, we got book shelves for the kids to display their toys. Some good toys like Mega Blocks, train sets, a wooden doll house, etc. did not get chosen this round and so those went back into storage for a later rotation. We also kept out community toys like their big kitchen set and dress up clothes. But through this process, we were able to separate the "wheat from the chaff" (so to speak) and purge the trickety things that no one plays with.

Having less toys out has helped not only with cutting down the messes made during the day, but it has also reduced the number of arguments and fights between the children. It's also dramatically increased our children's level of contentment.

*Cassandra and Edmund obviously needed help.
*And we picked out some cool toys for Baby F, too.


prayzgod said...

We just did a huge toy purge as well. We also went through everyone's clothes and all my extra linnens.

I have also been considering bookshelves. I switched the kids to a smaller toybox, and that made a big difference, so we'll probably stick with that, but they have a lot of books, and I like to encourage reading, so I'm looking into at least one bookshelf for that, and than maybe another bookshelf for them to display some of their projects and toys.

iwuqueen said...

We have one of those racks with bins of different sizes on our main floor to hold toys, and it works well. For our playroom in the basement, I got three plastic Sterilite shelves (four shelves per unit, about 5 feet tall) to store toys. It's so nice to be able to see everything.

I used to want a toy box for some of Megan's stuff, but you're right that things just get lost in the jumble. But we do have a laundry basket that fits nicely onto one of the Sterilite shelves to hold some of the bulky toys. Also on our toy shelves is a small canvas-lined bin from Target (about 18 x 12 inches, and maybe 12 inches deep) to hold small baby toys.