Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Steps to Eating Real Foods

I have totally been loving reading posts from Passionate Homemaking. Here's a link to her November 11th post on 12 Steps to Nutritious Eating. Eating healthy really is a series of baby steps. It is terribly overwhelming to jump on the "good food" bandwagon, only to get burned out after a couple months or weeks (or days!). But to start simple and build upon that- those are the habits that keep.

A few things we do to eat real and healthy:
-buy local honey
-eat farm fresh eggs
-stay away from prepackaged foods
-cook from scratch as much as possible, limit eating out
-only eat brown rice
-limit white flour and white sugar
-replace with whole grains and demerara
-drink water, 100% juice, and milk pretty much exclusively; little to no soda (I'm still a sucker for caffeinated coffee, though- but at least I drink it black- that makes it better, right? *grin*)
-try to eat fish at least 1x/wk
-salads mostly contain spinach or dark greens
-homemade oil & vinegar salad dressing
-fruits and/or veggies at every meal
-soak our oats
-eat whole wheat bread, pitas, tortillas, pastas, etc.

One area that I would LOVE to crack down on as a family is eating more organic and eating meats from grass-fed/pastured animals that have not been treated with hormones. Our biggest issue is with cost, BUT... we are also willing to crack down budget-wise and invest a bit more cash into our grocery budget. It'll be worth it, I know!


serina said...

you can do it, mel. i understand limited budgets (boy, do i), but we have set our priorities differently than many others, and we are able to stick with all the food commitments you list, plus more.

look for a local farmer to sell you grass fed beef in bulk. we have done this for years now, and it's so tasty and rewarding! we buy a quarter of a cow, eat beef 1-2 x/week, and it lasts us about a year.

MissApril said...

Another good book is Nourishing Traditions. Based on research started by Weston A. Price, it challenges you to eat like people did pre-1900. I have been slowly working my way to be 100% NT. So far I brew Kombucha, soak my oats, and do not use veggie oil or GMO products.