Saturday, November 21, 2009


It must be pregnancy because I've never encountered this phenomenon before. But I just cannot muscle through the process of eating cold cereal. Not even granola,which is unheard of! So we've been eating all kinds of other things: cottage cheese and pineapple, muffins, toast, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, fruit salad, etc.
Here is one of our new quick and easy favorites:

Cheesy Egg Sandwiches:
*this is one of our favorites.

Toast the bread with the cheese on it.

Grease or spray PAM in a cereal bowl. Add 1 egg, a splash of milk, salt & pepper. Scramble and microwave on HIGH for 30+ seconds until completely cooked.
*I usually do two at a time and it takes 1 min.

Slap the egg on the cheese. Lightly butter or spread salsa on the other bare piece of toasted bread.

*We will sometimes do this same procedure with English Muffins and add a slice of bacon (or sausage) for a homemade Egg McMuffin.

Other breakfasty things coming soon!

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ReaganF said...

This is a great idea! We'll be trying this in our household! Yum!!