Monday, November 09, 2009


My all-time favorite cup of coffee is by far the Senseo. It makes a mean cup of coffee! The machine itself costs $69.99+ depending on how fancy-schmancy you want to go. RD and I were blessed to be able to purchase the display model at our local Sears following Christmas one year. I think we paid somewhere around $20.00 for it. It takes about 1 minute to make yourself a cup of coffee with one of these!

It uses pods.
At the store, packages of pods usually cost around $5 for 16-18 pods. Once again, we are blessed to live near a scratch-n-dent store where I can purchase packages for $1.75! You don't always have to use Senseo brand either, although it by far tastes the best. I know Folgers and few other brands make pods at a cheaper cost. If you don't want to use pods, you can use something like the ecopad and use your favorite ground coffee (Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, etc.).

My second favorite cup of coffee would be from the Keurig. Rather than using pods, it uses little plastic cups (K-cups) filled with grounds. Same concept, it forces hot water very quickly through the grounds to produce a quick (and YUMMY) cup of coffee. A Keurig is going to cost you around $89.00+, once again depending on how fancy of machine you're wanting.

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Cn8dnchick said...

We just did some research on single- serve coffee makers, and ended up buying the Tassimo system. The Keurig was up there on my list too, but I paid more to get the Tassimo (about $160) because it makes cappuccino, macchiato, lattes, espresso, etc and even makes the frothy milk. Each pod has a UPC code on it, and the machine scans the code and automatically adjusts the amount of water/milk to make the perfect cup of coffee depending on the flavor or type of pod you select.

Pretty sweet deal on the Senseo, though! And that you can buy discount coffee pods for it too! That's awesome!