Monday, November 16, 2009


My sister uses the Pathway Readers for her child who is in Kindergarten and her daughter loves them. Since she's completed Book 1 (<-- you can see a few sample pages here), I'm borrowing it to see how it works with Arianna and Benjamin. They're sort of like Amish Dick and Jane books. The kids are tickled to start working through this book at school today. Also going to try covering the pictures on their other readers and revealing it when they've finally worked through the text. Let you know how it goes!


Missionfieldof5 said...

Ok so another kinda similarity....We use all Rod and Staff curriculum for our homeschooling needs at this

MelissaD said...

And we're both AR ladies. Ok, if your husband works on computers for a living, I will totally be weirded out! ;-)

Anonymous said...

lol....ok so you're weirded out!!! He doesn't do it full time, but does work on quite a few of them. We have our own business installing Home Theater Systems, low voltage wiring, phone lines, Central Vac. units, security systems with cameras and alarms Back in Oct. on my blog there is an entry about the Open House or Grand Opening it might have been called where we had moved into a new office space and there was a ribbon cutting ceremony, etc.