Friday, November 06, 2009

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy?

Earlier this week I was perusing my archives here on Growth As a Wife and Mom and revisited an interesting old post. (The link is there in the title of this entry.)

Hope to get a chance later today to research more on this topic. I read ALL OVER about the importance of protein during pregnancy, but I'd be really interested in reading up more on the link between protein and steady weight gain during pregnancy.

So last night, RD and I (during our weekly jaunt to Applebee's and Wal-Mart) bought some Body Fortress whey protein shake mix. Not as a meal replacement, but as something to drink as a snack sometime each day.

I've gotta get on the scale sometime soon because I've got to report to my midwife my weight gain. Don't think I'm doing too bad, but... I did the same thing I've done for each of the other pregnancies: as soon as I'm out of that first trimester I go a bit overboard on food because I haven't been able to eat any for the past 2 months!. My biggest jump in weight gain is ALWAYS month 4! LOL So to be honest, yes, I AM a bit nervous to step on the scales. But I also know that from here on out it's not so bad. I'm just really wanting to keep weight gain at a steady, moderate pace. Edmund's pregnancy was the best. All total I gained about 30 lbs. Maybe if I share here on this blog my weight progress I'll have extra accountability. Already I've cut out desserts and pop. Now I'm adding my protein shakes. Let you know what the scale says. :-o

No way! I just got on the scale I've only gained 2 lbs!!! WOO HOO!!!


Carla said...

Good job on the weight gain. I just stepped on the scale for the first time since I just after I found out I was pregnant (34 weeks ago) and was shocked when I had gained 40lbs!! I had been on a super strict diet up until getting pregnant, so every pound I had lost came back times 2! Lucky me. I haven't been able to find a protien powder that is safe for pregnancy. What did you buy?

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MelissaD said...


I use the Body Fortress whey protein powder mix. Get the vanilla flavor. The other ones are ewwww. Mix the powder with milk. It's actually pretty good tasting. My midwife said the stuff I buy is safe. Also, when my sister was finishing up her pregnancy, it's the same stuff her doctor said for her to drink. You can get it pretty much anywhere: Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. I'd stray from buying it at GNC because it'd be pretty pricey. Just drink it once a day.

Anonymous said...

i'd be careful with protein shakes/drinks. there's a lot of crap out there. i'm glad you've checked with your midwife, but research each ingredient on your own to make sure it's safe.

on weight gain: i know how hard it is to let go, but try to focus on eating well, rather than on the scale. i have a really hard time (emotionally) gaining weight during pregnancy, and i have gained more this pregnancy than any other one. but your body and baby need good quality food, so make sure you're eating to hunger and taste. i try to cut out sugar and junk when i'm concerned, but never limit protein, whole grains, and produce.

we can lose the extra after our babies come, yes? but we can never go back and change the nutrition of our pregnancies, so we might as well get it right.