Sunday, November 08, 2009

Herbal Studies

For newbies and guru's alike, is one of the best on-line herbal remedies websites that I have ever come across. It's amazing. It's got herbs 101 for beginners, herbs for kids, recipes, cold and flu care, etc. I just love it! And... it's free. Learning Herbs

For a minimal fee (I pay $9/mo) you can have access to their main website Herb Mentor where it goes WAY more in depth concerning herbs. Video lessons, herb radio, wild foods, herbalpedia, specific plant studies, forums, on-line courses, herb games, etc. You'll be taught how to make teas, infusions, poultices, etc. If you are seriously considering wanting to study and know more about herbs (edible and medicinal), this is a one-stop source.

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Michelle M. said...

Neat! Thanks for sharing.