Tuesday, November 17, 2009


-went to the midwife today and everything looks great! Yea! Good, strong, steady heartbeat. Measuring right at 17 weeks. Due date of April 22 still looks like a go. Have gained 5lbs total. Have only felt little flutters, but no kicks just yet. Usually happens anywhere between now and 20 weeks. Definitely got the belly bump going. Wearing exclusively maternity stuff now.
-call me a nerd, but I enjoy Nintendo Week videos with Gary and Alison on the Nintendo Channel. RD and I watch the new one every week.
-getting another big declutter bug. Arianna's got it, too. Tonight she went through all her crafting stuff and started organizing, sorting, throwing out, etc.
-we got a housekeeper!!! Laura, our childcare provider on Friday's when I work for RD, will be helping us. Awhile back she had mentioned that she was looking into doing housekeeping so we asked her if she wanted to start with our house. We feel very comfortable with her. That, and she takes initiative in things- if she sees something that needs to be done, she does it. It's wonderful!!! We still have to hash out the details, but sometime soon she'll be starting! Yippee!
-on a casserole hunt. Healthy casseroles, I should clarify. Got any good recipes?
-NaBloPoMo prize list.
-I love John Wayne movies. My father-in-law seriously looks like him. I'll have to post comparison pics between the two sometime. It's uncanny.
-am so tickled at the outcome of the Colts vs. Patriots game last Sunday night. It was incredible! Good reminder to never fall asleep on the couch during the last few minutes of any game!!!
-wondering if the Wii Fit Plus would work during pregnancy...

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Michelle M. said...

Great update!

Have you searched the Kraft website for casseroles? They have a "healthify" option or something like that. I've used it before to get recipes for healthier mac and cheese, etc.