Monday, November 02, 2009

Toy Purge

After several months of saying "I'll get to that", I finally stopped talking and just did it. Toy Purge. We have SO many toys. Now, I am in no way complaining about this predicament. Just stating a fact.
We have been blessed to overflowing in the toy department.

When I say "Toy Purge" I guess I should clarify that the toys are actually put into a rotation. I've discovered that if toys resurrect every 6 months or more it's like Christmas all over again.

I've also discovered that if children are given too many options, discontentment creeps in a LOT faster. So today I gutted the boys' room, rotated toys, and only left out a select few for them to play with. It seems almost strange that a limited selection actually keeps them occupied longer. But alas, it is so.

Here's Edmund's toys:

Here's Benjamin's toys.

Girls' room is up next.
I hope to purchase some nice plastic containers this week that I can use as toy boxes. Kinda not too impressed with the diaper boxes, but they work as a quick & temporary fix.


Cn8dnchick said...

Good Idea- I bet it IS like Christmas all over again! that's fun!

Kyla said...

We, too, rotate toys - though more on a every-other-week-or-so basis. My 2 year old is allowed one "set" of something (such as a box of cars, blocks, or a puzzle), 3 to 4 independent toys (we're talking a stuffed animal, a large fire truck, play hat/tie, nothing huge...), and 5-6 books. It really is amazing how much more contented he is with this system, and how much he implements creativity and imagination with those few toys!

Just a suggestion: even though there are only a few toys "in rotation" at any given time, I've found a toy box to be a scary pit... pieces still get lost, toys at the bottom still aren't played with, and everything seems to be broken easier. We remedy this by keeping his toys on a small bookshelf. They look orderly and inviting, are kept in better shape, and he even has FUN putting them away in creative new ways that "looks so nice, Momma!"

MelissaD said...


Bookshelf idea is great!

Michelle M. said...

We regularly go through the kids' toys. I am always getting rid of stuff and they still have a lot!