Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fit and Active During Pregnancy

I started a fitness routine yesterday. Since I am nearly 24 weeks pregnant I'm obviously not wanting to start something strenuous. My parents had bought me the Wii Sports Active "game" a while back, and so, I dusted it off and decided to try the low-impact 30 Day Challenge. Not too bad. You can customize your workout or do preset workouts so if something doesn't feel good I don't have to do it and can replace it with another exercise. It feels great getting active! And hopefully, by being fit and active during the remainder of my pregnancy, I'll have a better/easier labor and delivery come April 22. :-)

A motto that I'm trying to keep in mind is this:
Eat Less, Move More (thanks Candy)
Moms of Many Exercise Challenge

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prayzgod said...

Aw, thanks. :-)

Lucky gal - I was never able to exercise during pregnancy, because I'd have horrible sciatica.