Tuesday, December 08, 2009

In the mood to decorate

To add to the Christmas cheer, I decided to wrap a few of the pictures we have hanging in the living room. My pics don't do it justice, but it turned out really cute!

This is a really simple craft project. I got this done this afternoon during the kids' Quiet Time. All you need is old picture frames, fabric, and buttons.
And because this is going on the wall and not on a pair of pants or a shirt, the buttons don't need near as much reinforcement to the fabric. Pull the fabric as tight as possible around the cardboard backing. ( If you need to, use craft glue or adhesive to get the fabric to stick.) Take glass off the picture frame.

Once again, my picture doesn't do it justice, but the "button frames" look really nice hanging in our master bedroom. I just LOVE the retro blue & brown color scheme!!!

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