Wednesday, December 02, 2009

More from our kitchen

Now that I'm into my second trimester, I've started my regime of drinking red raspberry leaf tea. It's a fantastic way to strengthen and tone uterine and pelvic muscles for a more productive and efficient labor & delivery! It's also packed with vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C and calcium. During the second trimester, I try to drink just one cup of tea a day. But as I move into the third trimester, it's recommended that 2-3 cups be taken daily. To the left is the loose leaf Red Raspberry. It's light and fluffy, kinda like peat moss. LOL To the left is spearmint from our garden this past spring. I like to add a few sprigs of that to the raspberry for added flavor.The ratio works out to approximately 1 cup of water to 2 tsp herbs; steep 10 minutes.

When my tea is done steeping, I add about 1 Tbl of liquid chlorophyll and honey to taste. The liquid chlorophyll not only adds bonus nutritive qualities to the tea, but it also has a strong minty flavor.

Then it looks a lot more like green tea!
Tastes so good! I even catch the kids trying to snatch a swig or two.

I'm also trying my hand at making cream cheese and whey. A while back I tried this experiment with farm fresh raw cow's milk, but it didn't turn out as expected. :-/ But I recently found another recipe on a website I frequent called Keeping the Home. The kids and I started this project this afternoon. So far, things haven't separated. But, it's only been 6 hours. It's supposed to set for 24 hours. Perhaps I'm being a bit hasty. Can't wait to check it tomorrow!

You need a double layer of cheesecloth, a strainer, a bowl, and plain yogurt.

I put in about 1-1/2 cups of yogurt.

Fold the extra cheesecloth over (or use plastic wrap) to cover the yogurt. Place in refrigerator for 24 hours.

Apparently the yogurt will separate and whey will be produced in the bowl. Cream cheese will be left in the cheese cloth. I wanted to use the whey for Candy's granola recipe. And well, cream cheese just doesn't last long over here. :-) Yum!


MelissaD said...

Grrr. My yogurt didn't separate at ALL! I can't figure out what I did wrong!

Anonymous said...

was the yogurt plain? what were the ingredients? mine loves to separate, lol. try homemade yogurt, and you'll have no problem.

i brew my rrl tea with alfalfa, nettles, and peppermint. i usually do 1-2 packed tablespoons of rrl, 1 heaping teaspoon each of the other three ingredients, and steep in a quart of boiling water. the thing is, i brew it up, drink it all the first day, and forget for a few more days. then i repeat.

Cn8dnchick said...

The tea looks delish! So, are you not supposed to drink it until the 2nd trimester?

Clover said...

I agree with Serina. I use homemade yogurt and it starts to seperate almost immediately. Also, there's no need to use cheesecloth. Just a plain paper coffee filter also does the trick. If you are using homemade yogurt and it doesn't all fit in the coffee filter, no problem. Just fill it as full as you can, check back in an hour and you can add more. The yogurt will usually already have reduced by half. Keep adding until you've used it all.

I do wonder if you will be getting the end product you expect. It won't be cream cheese - it will be greek yogurt, or what is sometimes called yogurt cheese. Still very yummy, but it might not work as a substitute for cream cheese in all cases (I don't know how it bakes). We eat it mixed with berries (because I LOVE greek-style yogurt) or as a spread for crackers.

MelissaD said...

I used store-bought plain yogurt and it still has done nothing. Boo. But I'm definitely willing to try my hand at homemade yogurt- which I've never made before. What recipes do you use? Do you have to use special cultures?

Greek cheese, eh? Yeah, it would definitely get eaten with things like crackers or bagels. I doubt there'd be enough left for baking/cooking. Thanks for the tip- I'll stick to store bought cream cheese for cooking.

I don't know whether or not it's safe to drink red raspberry tea during the first trimester. There is conflicting perspectives on it's safety. I error on the side of caution and wait until the second trimester.

Anonymous said...

yogurt cheese is tasty, but it's more zingy than cream cheese. mix in herbs, and your kids will probably love it on crackers. but, while i think it's tasty, my kids don't like it on bagels.

Cn8dnchick said...

lol gotcha- I thought maybe you didn't drink it in the 1st trimester because you were so nauseous and maybe the smell/taste was unpleasant to you! It's interesting to learn more about herbs and alternative remedies through your blog! Nice work!