Thursday, January 07, 2010

Calorie Counter

Found a free online calorie counter that's pretty neat. Has over 45,000 different fast foods, brand names, and generic foods to choose from.

Looks like you can also track fitness goals and weight loss as well, but I'm more interested in the calorie counter. Breaks it down per meal & snack and gives you a daily consumption total.

Check it out!


Michelle M. said...

Thanks for sharing this! You've inspired me and I found an Ap for my iPhone. It helps you track your weight/weight loss with calorie counting, fitness tracking, etc. It has tons of namebrand foods on it as well.

I have so much to lose! I am trying not to do anything drastic because I am solely nursing G. I need my milk to continue. So I am starting slow with the goal of losing 2(ish) pounds per week for right now. I think that will eventually become less than that, but I am going to try to start with that goal.

I've always had such a hard time losing weight while nursing (isn't that odd?). I typically lose a lot right at the beginning and then as soon as the child scales down the nursing and is eating more good (9-10 months old), I start losing weight again.

I hope this will just keep my accountable because I tend to eat mindlessly.

prayzgod said...

We're having take out and a family movie tonight, so I'm going to zip over to that calorie counting link right now. Thanks for posting it. :-)