Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fitness & MMM

Heading into week 2 of my fitness regime.

Total calories burned: 518.9
Total time exercising: 109:25
How pregnant: 24 weeks, 4 days
Total pregnancy weight gain: 17 lbs

I am really liking the Wii Sports Active! It includes a journal on eating habits and physical activities (outside the workouts). It also has built in rest days.

MMM progress:
I've read Psalm 139 through several times, just to get a feel for the theme and language. But I've only actually got the first 2 verses memorized. Shared this with the kids, which was totally fitting seeing as how I am pregnant, and got on a really neat conversation about how God molded and shaped them when they were inside my womb, how they are beyond words precious to God, and how He has great and wonderful plans for their lives. They are not here by accident or surprise at all.

I remember before I was a Christian reading in a secular science textbook in high school about the development of a fetus. I vividly recall the text reading, "It's almost as if an invisible hand were inside the womb, molding and shaping the infant." Wow! It IS too perfect, too fearful and wonderful of a thing to only be considered a "chance" sort of occurrence.

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