Friday, January 01, 2010

Mega Memory Month

Alrighty. I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna try my hand at doing some major memorization this month. Today, I am prayerfully considering just what I plan on memorizing. Definitely a chunk of Scripture, just not sure what.

Which leads me to another thought. I'm going to try my hand at memorizing it in the KJV. The KJV has always seemed like such a lofty heady sort of adventure, one that I've never really stepped out into. A LOT of the mommy blogs I frequent (and the books I've been reading as of late) use the KJV. I tend to stick to the NASB. But recently I've been trying to read out of the KJV during my devo time and it's actually been a pretty neat experience. It reads so differently. Usually as I read Scripture I tend to gloss over passages out of sheer familiarity. But in reading the KJV I've been forced to read slow and very deliberately, even over passages I'm familiar with, and things are popping off the page left and right. It's been a very rewarding experience!

So anyways... what chunk of Scripture to memorize?... Hmmm...


Kyla said...

Psalm 139 - if you haven't already.

I had to memorize it in high school, and it has been a source of SO much encouragement to me since then... popping into my head at unexpected moments. I memorized it in the NASB, though. :) Good luck on whatever you end up choosing! I really need to tackle another "chunk" myself.

BTW, I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant myself, so it's fun to see your "progress" in comparison to mine.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to what you memorize. Kyla's recommendation, Psalm 139, was what I *almost* selected.

I'm going to announce my passage later today! So glad to know you'll be joining the challenge!