Saturday, January 02, 2010

MMM & other

It's been a toss up between Psalm 139 (which came highly recommended) and James 1. After prayerful consideration, I am going with Psalm 139! Printed it out from

And yea, I ordered my first KJV Bible yesterday! Can't wait for it to come it! I've been using this huge 4-version parallel Bible for the past several weeks!


Completely unrelated to Bible memorization, I was tickled pink yesterday to hear from my hubby that there is a local organic food co-op starting in my neck of the woods. I've searched and looked for organic produce (co-op's, local farmers, etc.) like crazy and came up with nothing, which was rather odd seeing as how I'm living in rural Indiana!!! But there's a group of ladies starting this co-op through B & B Organics. Over 300 items to choose from. Prices comparable to Kroger (which for organic is awesome!). I am SO tickled. And RD was the one to present it to me, so he's game too! YEA!


Cyndi said...

I looked at the web site... is there going to be a pick up closer than Mishawaka?

MelissaD said...

Yes. There will be pick-up right here in town. The lady heading this up will hopefully be ready to take orders in 1 month!

Anonymous said...

I almost selected Psalm 139 (did I already mention that?). Anyway, so glad to have you in the challenge and looking forward to hearing your progress during the month!