Friday, January 22, 2010

What's next...

A home update: Thanks for all that have prayed for me (my family) this week. It HAS gotten better. Don't think it's gotten any easier, but I've noticed my attitude changing. Family life just goes through seasons...

Exercise: I'm going to finish out my 30 day challenge on the Low Impact setting. I feel as though I have gotten over the initial "I can't/don't want to do this" hump and am finally looking forward to/enjoying the process of exercising. I've got 5 more work-outs to complete. Afterward, I will be bumping it up to Medium Impact for another 30 day challenge. Feeling great!

MMM: I'll admit, I'm a slacker. I'm sure I could fill up a few lines here with excuses, but I won't. I'll admit to my laziness. But... having shared that, I've been encouraged to pick it back up again and get accomplished what I can for the month. Whereas I haven't been memorizing Psalm 139, I have been memorizing other Scriptures quite diligently. Currently, we have 3 children enrolled in our church's AWANA program and they are all in different classes/working on different Scriptures. Faithfully, we as a family are working through those verses throughout the week. But I still plan on kicking it into gear and working on my own Scripture.

In reference to Scripture memorization, I am currently also working on my list of pregnancy/labor & delivery Scriptures to memorize. I've read several mommy blogs where mom worked through Scripture during labor and delivery and it helped dramatically get her through the process. Words of strength, peace, and God being in control providing her the inner strength and peace needed for a joyous delivery. Hope to get that in the workings here soon.

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