Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back in business!

Yea! Our computer's fixed and I can now upload pics!!!

Here's a preview of some of the latest:

The dollar store is the one of the best/cost effective ways to decorate for the changing seasons and holidays. Went there today and for a few bucks bought a watering can and filled it with Easter candy as a centerpiece.
*I know it's a tad early to be celebrating spring, but I've got the fever bad! I absolutely LOVE spring!*
My mom is a pro at finding cool craft projects for the kids to do. Here's one she found that I've been hanging onto for a special occasion. One of my girlfriends, Michele C., came over the other day with her two kids and together we did this super cute Martha Stewart hand puppet craft. It turned out so neat!

Here's Edmund's lobster.

Cassandra's pig, Arianna's puppy, and Benjamin's bird.

Eli's lion and Elisa's frog.

Here's Edmund posing with an extra sticker stuck to his nose.
What a ham!
Here's some of the sewing projects I've been busying myself with:

I made slip covers for (2) of our couch pillows (using that same shower curtain). It turned out really nice.

Up close.

The back.

Here's another apron I made.
It basically just covers my blossoming belly, but it should also work well when I'm not pregnant. Attached on the top/back a little loop so it can be hung on a hook. Wish you could see it better, but I tried my hand at some decorative stitching around the bottom and around the pockets. Also want to get some lime green thread from the store and add a little decorative stitching to the pockets.
Finally made a decision as to what to do this spring/summer in regard to our garden. We've decided to simply plant the following:
1- a flower garden for the kids (especially to attract birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds).
2- a flower garden of edible flowers (like nasturtiums, lavender, pansies, etc.) to add to salads and other food dishes.
3- a variety of tomatoes.

That way, if we can't regularly tend to the garden OR if we end up moving, there won't be a huge loss of crop. Our parents can enjoy the flowers and tomatoes! :-)
Couldn't believe it, but my Birth Kit came in today! That was FAST!

So.... We're ready when baby is!!!

Technically, I'm 32 weeks and 2 days pregnant. But at my last midwife appointment, I was measuring almost 2 weeks ahead. So I'm really not sure how far along I am right now! My next appointment is coming up, so we'll keep you posted!

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