Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birth Kit

RD and I ordered our home birth kit this evening!!!

A baby is really COMING!!! And soon!!! YEA!!!

What all comes in a birth kit?
-waterproof mats
-OB pads
-cord clamp
-paper towels
-tape measure
-afterbirth herbal bath
-stretchie brief
-peri bottle
-Mother's Milk tea
-bulb syringe
-latex gloves
-lube jelly
-finger & foot printer
-large plastic covering
-goldenseal capsules (for cord healing)

Everything you need to have a baby at home!
(Of course, the midwife brings her own stash of supplies as well.)

We still had quite a bit leftover from our other two homebirths, so we didn't need to get the complete package. We only ended up spending about $26 dollars. For first time homebirthers, the kit costs around $50. We order from

There's also other stuff we keep on hand for delivery:
-ice cream tub for the placenta
-receiving blankets
-baby hat
-clothes for delivery & postpartum
-30 gallon trash bag
-Boppy pillow

*contented sigh*
I just am SO thrilled to soon be having another little infant.
Ohhhh, nothing compares!

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Cn8dnchick said...

YAY for home birth! I'm totally pro home-birth (well, maybe that's easy for me to say, since I've never given birth! :) lol

I'm super excited for you, and you are a SUPERwoman for doing this the natural way! Way to give your babies the best first start possible!