Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm alive...

I've just been a little under the weather for the past several days. Starting Saturday, I've been fighting off a tummy bug. On top of that, the baby's been growing leaps and bounds so I've had to battle the discomfort of stretching and pulling in my abdomen. Finally, it's coming to an end. YEAH! I haven't been able to exercise since last Friday. Going to try working out this afternoon on Low Impact and see how I feel. If everything's ok, I'll do Low Impact for a couple days and then bump it back up to Medium.

Here are my Week 6 stats:
Total Calories: 332.3
Total Time: 67:52
How Pregnant: 30 weeks (exactly)
Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs. (eek!)

Since I haven't been feeling good, during my down-time I've been busying myself with sewing projects. Here's what I've completed so far.

I took down those old brown curtains off our microwave cart (that were much more effective at being lint magnets) and replaced it with these. It's actually a shower curtain I found at Wal-Mart!!!

With that same fabric, I made a curtain for our living room computer desk.

Our couch cushions were getting so thread bare that we were starting to get holes. Slip covers are too costly (plus, they never seem to stay in place). And to get it reupholstered we'd really have to fork out the dough. So for $4, we purchased a twin bed sheet and my girlfriend and I sewed it into a giant pillowcase. It turned out really nice!

Next, with the same leftover shower curtain material, I'm going to make little slip covers for the blue striped couch pillows.


Michelle M. said...

Those projects turned out really nice. We have slip covers on our couches and they ARE really annoying. I wash them once a week because they get so yucky, so that keeps them looking nice. But they are a big of a pain.

Mrs.C said...

I love the couch solution!