Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nesting urges

And so it hits.... those nesting urges...
Gotta get my ducks in a row!

So far I've accomplished several sewing projects, which I'll get pics posted here soon. (We were having computer problems and so I haven't been able to download photos.)

Vacuumed out the van.

Ordered our birth kit.

Pulled out newborn clothes and blankets from storage. (Nearly cried with excitement whilst rummaging through it.)

Found breast pads/pump, bottles, baby bath tub, and sling.

Thoroughly decluttered the master bedroom: set up my craft/sewing/homeschool desk & made room for baby stuff.

Pulled out from storage summer clothes for the kiddos.

Working now on training the kids to sort their dirty laundry and how to properly fold & put their clean clothes away.

Things I still need to accomplish:
-go through kids' summer clothes to see what's missing/needs to be purchased
-purchase both a new Boppy and Pack-N-Play (after 4 kids, they're shot!)
-set up baby's area in master BR
-work out babysitting plan for kids for when I go into labor
-start storing up freezer meals
-set up an early birthday party for Arianna (whose bday is 2 days before my due date!)
-get a pack of newborn diapers
-get carseat out of storage

What's happening post-partum:
-my DAD is actually coming down to help out with the baby for a week following birth!!! Usually it's my mother that comes down, but she somewhat recently purchased her own cross-stitch store, and so, is unable to get a weeks' worth of time off. Thank you, dad!!!
-both baby and I are scheduling an appointment with the chiropractor. When Edmund was a baby it took him FOREVER to sleep through the night. He was just an overall bundle of fuss. Well, his back was out of alignment from being squished while inutero. So this time, we're going to have a visit to the chiropractor right off the bat!

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Michelle M. said...

You definitely know what you are doing :) It sounds like everything will be ready in time.

I have a Boppy if you are interested. I'm going to send you an email right now :)