Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garlic is still awesome!

Ok, so all this week the kids and I have been battling the sinus/chest cold yuckies. And guess who got it the worst? You betcha... mommy. With EVERY pregnancy, I've had the "luxury" of experiencing a random but harsh head cold. (Why would baby #5 be any different?)

The do's and don'ts of what a pregnant woman is allowed to take medicinally is mind-boggling and seemingly impossible to keep up with. I try to go the natural route. And by far, garlic is still (and probably always will be) my #1 medicine. It is seriously amazing!!! Our entire family uses it whenever illness strikes- and illnesses depart MUCH faster.

Most the time, medicine is designed to alleviate symptoms. Which, believe me, is great! But what we should be striving for is ridding ourselves of what's causing the illness... bacteria and/or viruses. That's where garlic comes in because it is anti-bacterial and anti-viral in it's chemical make-up. Rather than eliminating symptoms, it's eliminating the illness.

Plus, it's 100% all natural and I need not worry about how it's going to affect the baby!
So... how do we use it?

1) For adults:
We take one clove of fresh garlic, press it into a spoon, take it straight up, and down it with a good amount of water. Immediately chasing/swallowing it with water makes it much more palatable and tolerable. (We originally tried just chewing a clove and then swallowing- but it was near impossible to get it down it burned so bad. Take it with water- it's over and done with within seconds!) We do this once in the AM and once in the PM.

2) For kids:
We make little bite size pieces of garlic toast, using fresh pressed garlic. One whole clove is too much. Approximately 1/2 clove (maybe even 1/3) is plenty! Cut off a bite sized piece of bread, butter it, add just a tiny bit of salt, add the garlic and give it to them to eat. As long as we have water readily accessible, they're pretty compliant. Once again, give it to them in once in the AM and once in the PM.

3) Bottoms of feet:
For particularly nasty chest colds, we put garlic oil on our feet before bed (with a pair of socks!).

4) Ear infections:
For a quick how-to on using garlic for ear infections, go here.
We always have a jar of garlic oil in the refrigerator. Whenever we need to use it, we simply spoon out a bit into a bowl (the oil coagulates) and within a minute or two it's melted and ready to use.

We also make sure and have bulbs of garlic readily available as well... which isn't hard, considering I married an Italian! :-)


prayzgod said...

Well, hello fellow Garlicite! :-) Yes, I think garlic may be the cure to the common cold. I got away this winter with no colds, except a very small one for a few days earlier this month - and that was it.

When I was a kid, I seriously got one bad cold per month, all winter long, just about each winter. I HATED winter! LOL

We too, use one clove of garlic for adults and 1/2 or less for kids. However, if I take mine with just water, it gives me a stomach ache - burning, or even feeling like vomitting. I'm a person who has to take vitamins/pills with food as well, so maybe that's related.

Anyhoo, we mince the garlic and take it in a tablespoon of honey. We try to use locally made, pure, raw honey whenever possible, but I'll use whatever I have on hand at the time. The honey stops the burning, and it tastes REALLY good. :-D

We'll take it at the first signs of any possible cold, and most of the time it knocks the cold out, and the next day we are perfectly fine.

We also have use garlic oil for ear infections - in my opinion, garlic works better for ear infections than nasty antibiotic drops. ;-)

MelissaD said...

Honey! That's a great idea! We get local honey from the Amish market nearby. We'll have to try it!!!