Monday, March 29, 2010

Goodies I got today!!!

Ended up having to reschedule my appointment with the midwife today. She was up all night with a birth and said she "wants to make an appointment with her bed". I don't blame her. So, I go see her Thursday AM.
So... this morning with my newly allotted "free time", I decided to snag my girlfriend, Rebekah M., and head out to the local(ish) scratch-n-dent store. Here are the bargain finds I brought home:
-(8) 46oz (100% juice) Juicy Juice bottles
-(2) 10pks (100% juice) Minute Maid juice boxes
-3 lb (local) honey
-natural granola
-Safflower oil
-(4) pkg candy (for kiddos)
-Worchestershire sauce
-steak Sauce
-TOTAL: $28.30
Picnic with the kids!
Pick-up time for our first organic produce order was from 1-3pm today. We swung over there on our way back into town. Here's what I purchased:
-(6) avocados
-5oz bag of spinach
-(6) mangoes
-3lb Fuji apples
-(2) bunches broccoli
-5lb russet potatoes
-2lb carrots
-TOTAL: $29.38
Not used to purchasing produce for (2) weeks so we'll see how this order goes. We went a bit conservative (plus we have veggies left over from our last grocery store trip). We knew that purchasing organic was going to bump up our grocery bill a tad. But we're countering that by not eating out and making things as much from scratch as possible. It's an investment to health.

The lady that is heading up this co-op has 8 children between the ages of 11 and 7mo. and they live on a small farm. Our children had a HAY DAY and made some new friends.

Fun day!

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