Monday, March 08, 2010


I'm a sucker for new shoes.

Don't get me wrong. Hand-me-downs are nice, especially for outdoor play. But there's just something about new shoes. I love it!

Here's my latest fun purchase. Got all of these for for the fam for $30!
New shoes + a good bargain. Does it get much better than that?! :-)
My favorite sandwich in the world!

The Ultimate BLT

Now before you turn your nose up at the fact it's got an egg in it (served sunny side up), you have got to give it a whirl first! Same basic set up: bacon, lettuce, and tomato. But to boot, it's got a yolky egg, melted cheese, and mayo.
Talk about amazing!!!


Sonya said...

That's my kind of BLT!! What kind of cheese do you use?

MelissaD said...

Sharp cheddar. Put it shredded on the toast as it toasts.

ReaganF said...

I second the love of that sandwich! It's one of my favorites too! We call it a BELT (Bacon Egg Lettuce Tomato). :-)