Monday, March 08, 2010


So, for the past several days, both my husband and I have been committed to praying for our family (both individually & together as a couple), especially in regard to our children. And both of us, through the work of the Holy Spirit, have been led to Tomato Stake. A LONG time ago, we'd come across this parenting website but had never fully looked into it, none what embraced it's ideas. Shoot, I've even had it on my "favorite websites" list for like ever. But we'd never seriously committed to it. Well, starting today, we are taking this process seriously. We're Tomato Staking!

At it's basic core, Tomato Staking is when parents commit to keeping their children with them 100% of the time until they learn to obey all the way, right away, and with a happy heart. When they can be trusted to obey fully, control themselves, and respect authority, then they can be allowed more freedoms and privileges.

It's about learning your children. It's catching behavior issues at the start and dealing with them immediately. It's training the heart to respond to people and situations in a godly manner. It's about monitoring the influences they come in contact with. It's about TRAINING in godliness and righteousness rather than running to discipline and punishment most/all the time (which has been a HUGE fault of RD and I's). It's about learning to ENJOY your children rather than seeing them as annoyances or hindrances to your day.

Tomato Staking: Day 1

So... how's our first day gone? Not bad. VERY busy, though.

I was planning on exercising today, but I seriously don't think I'll need to. I've been out of breath most the day getting up and down taking care of issues as they surface!

The most difficult part has been keeping Cassandra and Edmund with me 100% of the time. They've been soooo used to roaming the house as they've pleased (and getting into trouble) that it's been difficult for them to get used to being with me. Edmund knows how to "come" when called, but he's now having to learn to "stay". Arianna and Benjamin have been given a bit more breathing room. They don't need to be right at my side at all times, but I have required that they be with me in the same room working on projects, helping, cleaning, whatever. They just need to be in eye/ear shot to me.

It's been a struggle and I don't know if it's working yet. Only time will tell. And it's certainly not hurting anything. :-) The Raising Godly Tomatoes lady says that the first week will be the toughest and will slowly become easier as the children learn and get used to staying, helping, and obeying.

What's also helped is that RD's mom is stepping alongside us and helping in this endeavor. She's been reading through the website and is thrilled at the idea. YEA! (For those of you that don't know this, RD and I are living in their basement saving up to purchase our first home.) Having grandparents upstairs that will be tomato staking as well and paralleling with our parenting is an absolute GODSEND and blessing!!!

So, we're sticking to it. If you get a chance to check out the site, it's seriously a worthwhile read. I will be keeping you posted on how things progress in our family.

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