Saturday, March 06, 2010


Lately I have been deeply burdened to pray for my children (my family, in general). One of my on-line momma blogging friends does a Fess Up Friday posting where she reveals some sort of shortcoming she has a mother. Oftentimes, blogs only reveal the beautiful and the pretty sides of life and the nitty gritty reality of failures don't get posted. Well, if I were to post a Fess Up Friday entry, it'd be that I neglect praying for my family, especially in regard to my children. Sounds crazy, almost un-Christian. But it's the truth. Nothing drastic or bad has happened in our family to cause such a stir within me. Just a swift and unrelenting nudge from the Holy Spirit. The past several days have been absolutely bathed in prayer... and it's been amazing to see God working! I fully acknowledge that life is never going to be peaches and cream all day every day. But with the Holy Spirit being allowed access to our family's inner workings, it's been an overwhelming joy to watch. My children are just a little bit softer toward one another. A little bit quicker to catch themselves in sin and repent. A little bit more helpful and sensitive to the needs of others. A LOT more quick to obey. And for me, I've been more patient and forgiving. I've been more tender to their needs and desires. I've been quicker to TRAIN rather than discipline and punish. Instead of running to RD or a close friend for advice, I've been running to the feet of God asking for guidance and wisdom. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it's been HUGE for me. So much time has been spent (and possibly wasted) in common sense/carnal parenting when all along I could have been parenting spiritually/supernaturally.

I've talked to RD about this prayer hunger and he, too, has been sensing it. Together, we are now beginning to pray together with and for our family. What a PRAISE! May God be glorified!

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Nicole said...

Love hearing what God is doing in your heart these days Mel! He really does reward those who seek Him (Heb. 11:6). Keep praying...reading His Word and listening to the Spirit...and keep on sharing your encouragements, rebukes and it sister. Miss you!