Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Weigh in

Not as scary as I was thinking, but I'm still not totally thrilled. (Does anyone get "thrilled" with weight gain? *grin*)

Total weight gain: 27 lbs.
How pregnant: 32 weeks/5 days
*although, at my last appt I was measuring almost 2 weeks ahead.

I feel great, though! Exercise has definitely been a blessing! Usually by now I am terribly uncomfortable. Stairs leave me huffing and puffing. And overall I feel yucky and bloated. But not this time. Feeling pretty good. It'll be interesting to see how different labor and delivery will be this time around. I've never exercised the entire length of pregnancy before. Everyone I talk to that has said it's made a world of difference, especially in getting back to the swing of things post-partum.

Some things I have been trying to do:
-eat several small "meals" during the day
-IF I am going to have a bit of dessert, eat it with lunch
-have a protein shake in the evenings to prevent snacking
-keep a food intake diary
-drink plenty of water; avoid soda/high sugar drinks/coffee sweeteners
-exercise 5x/wk

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