Monday, April 19, 2010

More on Francesca

Pregnancy Loss ribbon

Her footprints. We weren't able to get her prints transferred to paper so this is all we have.

Hair clippings.

Only have 16 lbs of baby weight to work off.


Michelle M. said...

You look great!

She had such dark hair. I hope we will be able to see some photos once you have them processed by that company.

Anonymous said...

Oh Melissa,
I am so sorry to hear that God has chosen to bring this child home to him so soon.

It seems we have something else in common now. I had a stillborn son in 2007 although he was not nearly as far along as your precious daughter.

I started a Christian Grief Support Site through the Lord's leading when I was going through the process of waiting for my son to be born. It is a small group and there is not much activity, but the ladies there are so supportive.

Comfort In Heaven is the name, is the site.

Are you able to get one of those little plaster kits to get foot imprints? Will you have the opportunity to have a professional photographer get photo's of you and your hubby and your daughter together? I think is the name

You are added to my prayers and I will be lifting you up in the coming days and if you want someone to call, especially the night before the funeral let me know....I know for me that was the hardest day/night to get through..... you can call me at any hour...864-903-0118

Love and God bless,
Melissa D. SC