Monday, April 26, 2010

Willow Tree

This one's entitled "Grandmother".
I gave it to my mother following the Memorial Service.

A friend of mine, Theresa R., gave this to me. It's called "The Angel of Spring". Which is so fitting considering the season we're in and the fact that as a family we are beginning a new chapter of life... a genesis...


prayzgod said...

The Wonderful Counselor lives in your heart, that is clear in how well you are handling your grief. The Lord holds your precious baby in His hands, and He is comforting you. Thank you for keeping us blog readers in the loop on what's been going on. :-)

lornabell said...

Thank you again Mel for the wonderful figurine. I put it on top of the TV cabinet in the living room where it will be placed next to a picture of the painting. What a great remembrance.