Saturday, May 08, 2010

4:30-6:30pm craziness!!!

For SOME reason the 4:30-6:30pm portion of any given day (weekday or weekend) is CRAZY at our house!!! Am I alone in this???

Quiet Time's over. Daddy's coming home soon. Dinner will be on the table soon.

Apparently "transition" means "let's be crazy nuts!". ;-)

So I'm gonna try changing my approach to the day to counteract this.

1- "recess" following afternoon Quiet Time (which ends usually around 4pm)

2- play soothing/quiet music when they come inside for dinner

3- dim the lighting to a few lamps

4- burn candles

We'll see if it works.

Anyone else got any ideas on how to create a mood of calmness as they day comes to a close?


Michelle M. said...

That time is most definitely the most difficult time of the day. On nice days, I just send the kids to the backyard and I can watch them out the kitchen windows while I make dinner. Unfortunately, if the baby is fussy then I have to do something with him. Sometimes I resort to a movie and coloring at the table (which makes them a little bit in the way, but at least they are behaving).

I hope your new ideas work for you!! Good luck.

Nicole said...

Duck tape :o)