Saturday, May 22, 2010

Food randomness

- trying my hand at soaking beans for the first time. Got dried great northern, pinto, and garbanzo beans soaking in pots on the stove. Going to make a ham, veggie, and bean soup tomorrow. Using a ham bone I saved from a roast for the meat and broth. Mmmmm.

-RD and I are really wanting to eat no-hormone/antibiotic meats from now on. We already get beef from my brother-in-law's father (who's a cattle farmer). They also have access to purchasing pork (which we will be doing once we get a bit more freezer space). Here's our first purchase of "happy chicken" we bought at the local bulk food store. Their prices are a bit more than that which you'd get at the grocer, but really not too bad at all. Tasted SO yummy!!!

(The two packages above made more than this, but a few pieces were nabbed already before I was able to get the camera!)
*They didn't shrink during the cooking process!*

Also tried frying up some sliced radishes. Got the idea from Happy To Be Called "Mommy". They were really yummy!!!

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