Thursday, May 27, 2010

Visit from a friend

One of the many sweet "God providence" incidences following our loss of Francesca was a visit from my dear friend, Michelle, who just "happened to be in the area" for a family function they were attending. She brought her children David, Grace, and Gregory with her. She came up on the 15th of April, just 6 days after Francesca's birth. It was SO NICE to see her and visit with her family.

Michelle and I

Miss Arianna

All our kiddos playing

Grace pulling Edmund on the wagon.

Michelle and Gregory

Arianna and Cassandra (and Shadow, our Husky).

All our "babies":
Benjamin, David holding Gregory, Grace, Cassandra, and Arianna holding Edmund.

Grace and Cassandra

David and Benjamin were like two peas in a pod.
Having a good 'ol time playing the "protector" role!

I love this shot of Gregory. He is SO cute. Baby chub at it's finest!

David and Benjamin hugging on each other...

Then tumbling to the ground in laughter.

Thank you Michelle. Your visit was a wonderful solace from the difficulty and pain we were going through.
~Much love.

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Michelle M. said...

I need to post my pictures, too!

Thanks for sharing these. We had such a great time. Please come down and visit us some time soon. Love ya!