Thursday, June 03, 2010


Not so sure I'd go so far as to say I am a "dresses only" kind of gal... but I'm definitely sold on the beauty, feel, and look of femininity that goes along with wearing dresses. This summer has been a turning point for me in regard to the way I clothe myself. Basically I've worn nothing but dresses or skirts everyday. I LOVE them! And so do our girls (with no prodding from me). They are SO comfortable. And they're actually cooler than shorts during those warm/hot summer days. And the most selling feature of dresses... they hide that "little extra" or other physical blemishes. Looking back upon my past, I wish I'd of been more into skirts and dresses. Back in my college days I struggled with an eating disorder. Why I thought I was fat I'll never know. Pictures from those days reveal otherwise. With pants and shorts, there is not much left to the imagination. They don't hide a darned thing! Perhaps I wouldn't have struggled so with body image and appearance if I could have "hidden" whatever displeasing feature I thought I had. Even now, as I have a few extra pounds of baby weight on my frame, I can feel pretty and comfortable in a dress because those extra pounds are somewhat hidden. Just yesterday, I wore a pair of pants because I had a chiropractic appointment to attend. It was canceled and rescheduled due to illness in the family, but I continued wearing my jeans throughout the day. I just felt frumpy and fat all day long. I'd catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or window as I passed by and caught myself thinking "wow, look at that backside! Hmmm. Gotta work on that. Oh, and those thighs! How did they get so round?!" Didn't dawn on me until later when talking with a girlfriend about my fatness-predicament that I was wearing PANTS. Granted, they were modest, but they don't hide much. Every curve and lump could be seen. Been worse if I were wearing shorts! As soon as I got off the phone I slipped into a skirt... ahhh... much better. Immediately I felt comfortable and feminine. I really can't explain it...

There is something so flattering and beautiful about a woman in a dress.

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Michelle M. said...

I completely agree!

I used to wear skirts all the time, not dresses. Just this past weekend, I bought a skirt (actually a skort) that hits right at the knee. I've never worn shorts, so this is basically the inbetween for me. I also love wearing skirts, but now that I am overweight, I don't like the way I look in them as much. I've never be a dress person :) I think, this summer, I going to put more effort into wearing skirts. Now that we're losing weight, I should be able to fit in a few that have been tight over the past few years. I've consider doing the only-dresses/skits-thing, but I realized how much I do enjoy lounging around the house in my comfy pants and also chasing after the kids at the park. Although, my little lady wants to wear dresses everyday, and when she starts attending the Latin School, she will have to wear a skirt those days. :) I love uniforms!