Friday, June 04, 2010

My garden

Here's my little plot!
Tour time!!!

Here's our tomato patch: Early Girls, Better Boys, and 1 Roma
Amazingly enough, they resurrected from the deer "visitation" they received soon after planning. Grrrr. Vermin, I tell you! And if deer were ugly like possums deer season would last a lot longer! (Sorry for the rant.) But I only lost 1 plant. It's taken a lot of lovin' to get the rest of them to come out of it, being they were partially eaten and pulled from the ground. You can also see my lavender plant at the bottom. First year I got blooms! Can't wait for them to open!!!

Here's my Nasturium rows. Edible.
We like to eat them in our salads. The bright yellow and orange flowers they produce make salads look SO beautiful! And they're hearty... last long into the fall season.

Some flowers my kids bought for me!
(They remembered pink is my favorite color!)

Arianna's Sweet Peas.

My little pumpkin patch.
The one "wet spot" on the bottom right is a volunteer watermelon. Very small.

My Angel Face rose bush!!!
Got it from a sweet lady at church, Judy W., in remembrance of Francesca. It's got two little buds that are just about to bloom. Makes me SO happy!!!

In the back is Cassandra's Wild Flower patch.
At the bottom (from left to right) is transplanted wild onions (Arianna's thing), lemon mint, and spearmint.

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Michelle M. said...

That is great! Next year we are going to do this! Next year :) Right now I have a tomato plant and a purple basil plant.