Sunday, August 08, 2010

I'm BACK! And a little something on health...

Yea! It's good to be back to blog-land! I really enjoyed my time off during the month of July. I had a lot on my plate (especially emotionally) that I needed to think and sort through. It was nice having that undistracted time just "to be" and heal.

A lot has happened this past month.

The biggest, most significant thing that happened is that I discovered that I may very well be gluten intolerant.

My sister loves to do research on health issues and nutrition. It's kind of her hobby and I stand in awe at the sheer knowledge she possesses. Her latest interest has been on the topic of disease prevention. EVERYone on my mother's side of the family has Type II diabetes and several other surrounding health issues. But what's strange is that they don't eat badly. They hardly eat out. Everything is homemade. What gives? Why weight issues and diabetes? My sister has made a remarkable discovery: grain carbohydrates that are not metabolized and used for energy turn to sugar in the body. Sugar is poison to a diabetic/pre-diabetic! They shouldn't consume it!

As an experiment, both my sister and I (who are sitting ducks for Type II diabetes) removed ALL grains carbohydrates (wheat, oats, barley, etc) for 30 days just to see how we felt.

The result: we felt AMAZING!!!

I had no idea my "normal" was really "yuck" until I removed grains from my diet. You really don't NEED grains so long as you are eating a diet rich in fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, and meat. For those 30 days I ate whole, REAL, unprocessed/undamaged foods minus grains and I have never felt better!!!

After my 30 day challenge, I decided to start re-introducing my body to grains. I started with corn. A-ok. No gastrointestinal problems.

Next grain: brown rice. Also A-ok! No problems.

Next grain: whole wheat. I ABOUT DIED. I'll spare you all the details but it was not well with my bowels.

Why would wheat grains bring me such utter distress?!!!

As my sister and I began researching this further, we discovered a thing called gluten intolerance, where basically gluten (a substance found in wheat grains) eats away at your intestinal flora and lining causing both a "leaky gut" and inflammation. Which, in turn, causes all kinds of problems: body stress (which increases cortisol levels), fatigue, adrenal exhaustion (which affects the thyroid gland), lowered immune system, problems regulating insulin, etc. My sister and I have hardly scratched the surface on this topic of gluten intolerance! It's fascinating!

So as of now, I'm going gluten free.

Here's a list of gluten do's and don'ts.

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Cyndi said...

I told you I'd been scared to try grains again - but last night I did try some corn tortillas - and was fine. I'll try brown rice tonight. If I can handle rice - that would open up a lot of options for "gluten-free" stuff. I'll let you know!