Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I see things like this:

... and this:

... and I find myself drooling. I LOVE IT! Oh... if only I had a creative bone in my body!

When I see what I like it's like "oh, oh, oh! That's it!" But I can't seem to replicate it. Nor come up with an idea like that on my own.

And as we're standing at the gate of someday very soon purchasing our first house, my mind is rattling with decorating ideas. Wish so badly I could afford to hire an interior decorator. "Here's what I like. HELP ME!"

Some women just seem as though they are oozing with creativity. And I sit back in awe at what they create.

So anyway....

I've been out of the blogging world for a darn good reason these past couple months.

We're having another BABY!!!

Yep yep. May 4 is the due date and I am quick approaching the 12 week mark. Next week on the 20th, RD and I are going to our first prenatal appointment to hear the heartbeat. We are SO excited. And yes, a bit nervous. Baby G's due date is a mere 10 days off of what Francesca's was last year. She came early (April 9th) but her official due date was April 24. I try not to think on it too much because my mind will go in a thousand different not-so-good directions.

God gives and He takes away.

For SOME reason Francesca was supposed to pass from our hands and into heaven. Now we see in part, but one day, we will see the whole picture. It doesn't feel good. But the Lord IS good. And He uses bad things FOR good.

God gave us another baby. And right now He is within me molding and shaping this baby's features, personality, and body. He or she is so very intricately made. And if I learned anything through Francesca's experience is this: God is in control! I can eat right, exercise, take my prenatals and herbs... But ultimately, there is nothing I can do. God is in control of the womb! He is sovereign and can be fully trusted.

And so... we walk in faith.

And I've got a little bump. Belly pics to follow. :-)

God is so good. We are so blessed!


Michelle M. said...

Yea for the official blog announcement! :) I still can hardly believe we are due almost the same day. I am so excited for you guys! You have always done such a great job taking care of yourself during your pregnancies, and I know you will this time as well.

Good luck with the house situation. Will you guys be able to purchase before the baby is born? Every time that I have bought a house, I've been pregnant and had to pack and move while pregnant. It is an adventure. Good luck!

Kyla said...

Congratulations! I've been wondering how your family has been doing this past summer... so good to hear of God's mercy to you!

Houzz.com is an awesome tool for figuring out your style and getting decor ideas. You can add photos you like to your own ideabook and leave a note about what you are drawn to in each photo. SOOOO helpful - and addicting. :)