Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arianna in the kitchen

I love how Arianna is turning into quite the chef around here. She LOVES to cook and oftentimes catches the "cooking bug" and experiments with many different things. Here she made a banana/orange/strawberry/honey smoothie in the blender, poured it onto plates, then sprinkled with flax meal. When frozen, she used cookie cutters to punch out smoothie shapes.

 Then she took frozen fruit, honey, flax meal and fruit juice to make "ice cubes".
She froze them with toothpicks in them for easy handling.

Here she made Trail Mix!


Amber Martin said...

I love this. Reminds me that I need to slooow down and spend more time with Avalyn in the kitchen. After all, she's never going to learn if I don't teach her. Then, she's going to have to find herself a husband that can cook like her daddy! haha! :)

Living REAL said...

Well, Arianna def has a knack for cooking. And she is super careful. My younger kids are a bit, well, spastic (for lack of a better word) and need to be monitored much more closely. But I've noticed that their spastic-ness is dependent on the situation cuz they are super careful with knives. It really starts with just having them in the kitchen with you watching and you explaining EVERYthing. I ask tons of questions like "why does mommy use hot pads? Why must I use this much liquid in the blender? What would happen if I didn't measure ingredients? What does this taste like? What spice/herb would make this taste better? Is this item done cooking? How can we tell?" Etc.