Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Birth Kit came in!!!

So what all comes in a birth kit?

The very first kit we purchased (with Cassandra's birth, our very first home birth) was pretty "deluxe". It had all the bells and whistles. Now that we've done it a few times (Baby H will make our 5th homebirth), we've fine tuned our purchase to the basics. You can order whole kits or "a la cart". But in a nutshell, here's what comes in a kit: 

The company we purchase from is a Christian company.  So every package comes with this beautiful prayer for mom and baby. 
Super Absorbancy Maxi pads and Perineal Cold Packs

Rubbing alcohol, tape measure, footprinter, and Goldenseal capsules (an herb that speeds up the baby's cord healing).

Sterile gloves, cord clamp, lubricating jelly, and a huge 9'x12' plastic mat to cover the floor and surrounding furniture.
Absorbancy mats (large and small).
Those lovely post-partum stretchy underpants, bulb syringe, and perineal spray bottle.

My favorites: afterbirth bath herbs and mother's milk tea.
I LOVE the smell of the the afterbirth bath herbs.  About the time I'm in transition, I can smell it brewing on the stove.  I relax knowing it'll all be over soon.  It's such a happy, soothing smell.  In just a few moments, I'm gonna have a sweet little newborn in my arms.  The smell honestly gives me that last little endorphine boost to push and get through birth.  Once baby is born and we get somewhat cleaned up, baby and I get to bathe in this together.  It is an awesomely sweet bonding moment.

Other miscellaneous things we get ready in preparation for birth:
-paper towel roll
-large garbage bag
-placenta tub
-old raggedy towels
-birth clothes for me
-baby's first clothes/hat
-swaddling blackets
-burp rags
-breast pads and lanolin cream
-Boppy pillow and covers
-nursing cover (love my Hooter Hider)
-menstrual pads
-Tucks pads
-newborn diapers

It's almost time!!! I'm so excited!!!


Melissa Wisley said...

I'm so excited for you as well! My last home birth was a good one except for delivering the placenta. IT was STUCK! Hope you have a good experience and I too LOVE the HERBAL BATH!

Fw bwles said...

Where did you purchase this?

Fw bwles said...

Are they hard to get?


Melissa D said...

Fw bwles: I always buy my kits online at In His Hands Birth Supplies ( Not hard to get a hold of at all!!! They're a fabulous company! They even pray over each birth kit that gets sent out. If you purchase one, let me know what you think!

Melissa D said...

In fact, we're currently expecting baby #7 6/29/16 and I need to place an order with them again!