Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quick Herbal Remedies For Colds

So for some reason these past 2 days I have started to get an annoying cough/sinus drainage cold thing. Today the sinus pressure was so bad behind my left eye I felt like I was going to "lose my cookies". I managed to keep a couple ibuprophen down and take a nap. It eventually subsided. When I got up, tho, I was determined to battle it with herbs.

Here's a super quick recipe:
-honey (raw/local is best)
-ground cinnamon

I don't really measure.
But I add approx 1/4t of cinnamon to approx 1T of honey.

Stir until smooth.
You can either eat it straight or spread it on a piece of bread. 

Another herbal remedy I LOVE to use is garlic oil!
(Also see here!)
I ALWAYS keep a jar in the refrigerator!

An easy way to get a lot down is to spread it on bread/toast.
You can easily eat a whole tablespoon and not realize it.
This is especially helpful for children.

Sprinkle with a little cheese...

Melt and voila!

Garlic oil can also be rubbed on the chest, in/around the ears (if an ear infection is detected), on the neck, and the soles of the feet.  However one uses it, it'll immediately absorb into the bloodstream and start working on viruses and bacteria. 

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